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Today, businesses are on a competitive edge and Internet plays a vital role in their overall development. As more and more businesses from almost every industry sell various products and services online, Internet acts as a base line for the eCommerce market. To have the best sales through Internet, you must have a fully functional online shopping site which not only looks great but also meets users’ requirements.

And, when it comes to developing an eCommerce store, what’s more amazing than Magento. Magento is an open source eCommerce platform which was launched in 2008. Since then, it has become the most popular platform to develop eCommerce websites. Of course, there are many reasons of its wide popularity, here are a few to pin point:

  • Offers numerous flexible features to develop customized and attractive shopping sites
  • The platform is scalable and highly customizable
  • Easy-to-use admin panel
  • SEO friendly environment
  • Multiple store management
  • Last but the most important, It’s open source

Though Magento is open source and easy to manage, you’d require to hire Magento developer in order to design and develop a best in class Magento eCommerce store. If you a technically-impaired kind of business owner, you may not know what skills a really good developer should possess.


However, we’ve listed out the must-have skills of a professional Magento developer. Check out:

1. The developer you’re hiring should have profound knowledge of all the technical terminologies. Also, he must have keen interest in exploring and understanding the latest concepts and updates related to his portfolio. This would help him to know more about the limitations and developments of the web industry.

2. Development is the progeny of innovation and to get an exclusive commercial portal, you need to hire an innovative web developer who believes in exploring new ways to develop unmatched eCommerce designs, customer-friendly navigation and shopping experience, etc. for your business.

3. A skilled developer should hold an imaginative perspective to plan future-proof strategies for your business brand. Such a developer is capable of building a full-fledged Magento store from scratch.

4. The Magento developer you hire must provide your site constant upgradation services, according to the latest developments. So, look out for a developer who can offer you technical service on a continuous basis.

5. An ardent Magento developer can optimize a website to make it popular. Ensure that the developer is aware of the features, functions and working of SEO. So that he can develop a search engine optimized site. Try to hire a developer who has good SEO skills.

6. Creativity of a developer is a proven benefit of hiring an expert hand. They build highly innovative and creative shopping stores that hold customers back to the website.

7. Make sure that your developer has hands on working with various Magento extensions and plugins so that he can install them into your online store as and when required.

8. Always check the portfolio of the developer prior to hiring because experienced Magento developers are reliable and accountable for their work and developments.

9. Understanding your business requirements should be the main aim of your Magento web developer so that he can plan out strategies to meet your demand and website needs.

10. It is advised to hire a web developer who is accessible 24/7 throughout the process. They believe in delivering on-time projects without compromising the quality standards.

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