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We are sure that you are aware about the Google’s mobile friendly update rolled out last April. The update surely tells how important it is to have a mobile optimized website as most of the users are active on smart phones and tablets. So make sure it is mobile-friendly or you won’t be able to drive traffic to the site. However, you manage doing it by yourself, due to lack of coding abilities.

Fortunately there are numerous tools available online that can be used to add mobile-friendly features in your current Magento powered store and they are –

  • CouchCommerce

In the event that you need to spare yourself from experiencing the hassle of developing a mobile optimized Magento web store development from the initial stage, then Couch Commerce is the ideal tool for you. A well known Magento extension, Couch Commerce perfectly changes the desktop version of a Magento website into a mobile optimized one, with the help of its web app technology. Besides, it utilizes the open source “Sofa SDK” technology, and this serves you the ability to perform best touch-optimized web store along with few benefits including – 3rd party integrations, offline functionality, continuous updates and a lot more.


Moreover, note down that this excellent tool is not free however don’t worry about its pricing plan, the price really satisfying – monthly fee starts at 3000 euors.

  • ShopGate

ShopGate is the best option! The tool is splendid. Register, pick your favorite mobile website design, install their Magento plugin to your store, then manage all the settings like payment processors – cool, you are done! Woppie! Your store is ready to go live. What’s more? Well there’s something more to amaze you, now with ShopGate you can create your own shopping apps for your store. This is particularly awesome, on the grounds that ShopGate has various helpful features, which come standard with mobile application, similar to push notices.

ShopGate generally covers 6 platforms – mobile sites for smartphones, tablets; android smartphone and tablet apps and of course – iPhone and iPad apps. Each and everything is related to analytical data, which can help you settle on better marketing decisions about your mobile strategy.

  • Mobify

Mobify the mobile shopping platform, easily coordinates into your existing Magento web store without making any changes to your marketing software. May be we can assume that you have done the integration till now.
So what now? Once you have integrated, this tool utilizes user management to augment the abilities of your e-store to mobile optimized solutions, for example, web application that can adjust and acclimates to fit cell phones and tablets. It even installs mobile device abilities into your web store like NFC, touch securities, payments and more. Helping you to make ideal shopping experience across cell phones, Mobify is the ideal instrument that can help you influence the power of mobile access.

  • Mofluid

In case your are still not convinced with such extraordinary tools available for mobile optimization, then you need to check out Mofluid. They offer a basic and reasonable approach for launching your mobile apps. This is ideal for someone, who still needs to draw in mobile users, without the need to change their website.


There might be different reasons for this: your backend is quite old and necessities an appropriate redesign, prior you begin working at the design or perhaps you would prefer not to mess your highly convertible page designs, etc. Moreover, all you need to do is install the extension, configure it from your admin panel, download the applications and upload them on Google Play and the App Store.

In the event you vigorously depend on organic mobile shoppers and don’t need your positions to sink, pick one of the arrangements above and set up for anything.

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