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While it’s true that Magento offers advanced and out-of-the-box SEO features and functionality, it has a strong ability to adapt and expand to any customized needs your online store requires. However, it requires to devote enough time and improve your site’s SEO to stay ahead among your competitors and rank higher on the search engine result pages.

Depending on the business requirements, many companies often hire Magento developer to design the extensions and plugins tailored to their eCommerce needs. Magento Extension Development makes it easy to extend the usability and enhance the overall performance of your online store.

Magento extensions are an ultimate way to give your online store a competitive edge and allow you to lead among your competitors. The plugins and extensions developed at hire Magento developer are easy to integrate and designed to increase the user friendliness of your website.


There are variety of SEO Magento extensions available, below is an outline of which extensions to use in order to make sure that your store drives more traffic and better sales.

  1. SEO Suite Enterprise

This extension is designed to benefit all the necessary SEO features needed for successful search engine promotion of your online store. It transforms the product tag URL and RSS feed URL into search engine friendly ones.

  1. Canonical URLs Extension

This extension helps you generate canonical URLs for your Magento eCommerce store in a simple and effective way. Magento canonical URLs extension offers you a complete range of advanced tools which can help you rank higher in the search engines.

This extension is super-easy to use and enables search engines to choose the specific pages as per the number of visits on each categories. This makes it easy for you to encourage more visitors on these pages, without any issues of heavy lifting.

The most important thing about this extension is that you can incorporate a drop-down menu on your online store. You can either generate a canonical URL  manually or automatically, it depends on your preference. It also offers correct URLs from databases for your online store’s web pages.

  1. SEO Layered Navigation

This extension improves the navigation URL to meet SEO friendliness. Doing this, it improves your eCommerce store page search engine rankings. It auto generates all the meta titles for each page .

  1. Advanced Sitemap

Although Magento already provides an XML Sitemap with your store, this extension creates a far more superior Sitemap, including displaying product catalog categories and all other CMS pages with a hierarchical structure.

  1. SEO Rich Snippets

SEO rich snippets extension is fully compatible and designed to support the social media sites, including Facebook and Pinterest. This means, now you can easily engage your customers via social media giving a relative boost to your website traffic.

A Solid Foundation Of Your Online Store Is Built On Good SEO Extensions

SEO is a complex process where many businesses invest thousands of dollars. However, Magento eCommerce development offers you the advantages of working with an eCommerce eco-system that’s designed to be SEO friendly.

These are the best Magento SEO extensions widely used to help propel your store to the top of results pages which in turn drives more organic traffic and boost the conversion rates of your online store.

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