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Magento is one of the most popular and widely accepted ecommerce platform. It is a robust CMS admired by most of the designers, developers and the professionals because of it’s powerful features. It is a power-pack combination of attractive and extensive ecommerce features.

Even if you’re using the Community edition for your startup, in future you may wish to upgrade your store with advanced technologies. Irrespective of the edition(Community or Enterprise) you’re choosing, there are Magento experts who always offer the best solutions to the developers community. But selecting the best developer for your business might be tricky sometimes.


The main reason for hiring a Magento professional is to save money and resources while developing an advanced store. A Magento expert should be able to create a site that stands out from competitors. While hiring Magento Developer, make sure that you hire an individual with required set of skills and expertise and do not risk to damage your business. For avoiding any kind of unexpected circumstances, consider the following stages prior to hiring a Magento developer:

Project Experience In Magento Development:

Before deciding to hire a developer, make sure you check out the professional portfolio and previous projects accomplished. A developer with good experience in the field increases the ability to cope up with any type of technical issues and barriers occurred while development process. So, it is crucial to look for the technical skills as well as the level of work done. Moreover, if you’re searching for a team of developers, it’s better to explore company’s portfolio. You can also check the number and examples of projects and the testimonials of the previous clients.

Magento Certifications:

Unless you know about Magento, assessing some other person might be tricky. But, your store may suffer to perform poorly, bring in less customer ids and small amounts of money. So, it is advised to get the basic knowledge of Magento, to prepare a set of relevant questions to be asked to the developer.

Soft Skills:

Besides professional and technical skills, secondary attributes and personal attitudes are also of great significance. To analyze the communication skills you can see the way of interacting and how well candidate describes the development process and flow and explains his own duties.


This section is generally ignored but as far as knowledge is concerned, it is highly recommended to choose a developer who has some extra certificates except the major degrees. And, it is great if he/she has a Magento certification.

Prices and Quality:

Once you target a development company, It’s better to ask for the company price list before you indulge with them. You also need to assume the flexibility with which they’re going to make the changes to your Magento store. Other than that, you need to discuss – the costs for additional services, payment modes, money back guarantees while making strong decisions on your budget. The next thing after price is the Quality. It’s better to check out that the respected development team has appropriate CMMi or ISO 9001 certifications as they are the best documents to prove the company’s competency. Any successful Magento store would be focused on the quality of both content and features it offers. So, hire the developers to maintain cost-effective solutions and improve your ROI.

Approach To SEO:

Hiring Magento designer, programmer or developer, it is essential that the solution developed can be easily searched, well established and recognized website to augment your online presence. Make sure that various SEO techniques are applied to the solution and to evaluate – check them on the short term efficiency. There are various factors like responsive layout, visibility, traffic and conversions rate which is possible when you have a good developer.



It’s a crucial part for any project to be completed within given time frames. The deadlines fixed up for your business to grow up should be met. Prompt deliveries would give you a success factor, but only professional developers are able to cope up large and urgent projects.

Concluding, Time, Budget and Quality are the important factors for accomplishing any project. If you’re fully satisfied with all the points, you would find a better Magento Developer who may fulfill your business needs and guarantee you a perfect ecommerce store delivering unique shopping experience to it’s customers and ultimately higher revenues to your business.

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