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There are numerous Ecommerce platforms available today for building online stores. Each Ecommerce platform has its own set of advantages and also some drawbacks. Eventhough the world of Ecommerce has skyrocketed to unimaginable heights today, there is still a partial lack of awareness in the minds of business owners about the nitty-gritties of the Ecommerce platforms. To eliminate this lack of awareness, here is a brief on Magento and other popular Ecommerce platforms. Read On…

WooCommerce: This Ecommerce platform is an innovation by the makers of WordPress, which is the world’s most popular Content Management System today. And just like WordPress, the Ecommerce platform of WooCommerce is quickly rising up the ladders of popularity among store owners and Web developers. WooCommerce is a free and open source platform and comes with a lot of add-ons, plug-ins and extensions. Some of the other qualities of WooCommerce are: Super flexibility, Fully customizable, and Easy development. With WooCommerce, setting up an online store is like a walk in the park. The only drawback with WooCommerce is that it can only be installed on those websites having WordPress as the CMS. WooCommerce handles everything in one program and hence this platform is very feasible for small and medium business owners.

Magento: The Ecommerce platform of Magento is called the “big daddy” of the Ecommerce world. And this is because as of today, Magento is perhaps the most comprehensive Ecommerce platform available. The Company – Magento provides an absolutely free version of its platform called the “Community” version. But the costs of customizing a Magento store is very high and the server costs alongwith the maintenance costs are also considerably higher when compared to other Ecommerce platforms. The other quality of Magento is that this platform is aptly designed for different types and sizes of online businesses. You should definitely opt for Magento as the platform for your Ecommerce store, and Choose Magento Web Developement Service, if your business already handles a big volume of sales.

Shopify: The Ecommerce platform of Shopify is perhaps the most advanced, compact, intuitive and visually appealing platform available in the market today. Shopify boasts of more than 200,000 online stores built on it. Shopify is based on SaaS (Software as a Service) and hence it easily provides a multitude of services and functionalities that are enough to satisfy almost all online business requirements. Shopify works the best for medium-to-big retail businesses. The one unique and exclusive thing in Shopify is its in-built Point of Sale system which enables the store owners or the admin to accept credit cards in person. With Shopify, you don’t have to worry about hoisting too. But here too there is a drawback- the options for store customization are very limited.   

Thus, take note of the above detailed explanations regarding the different Ecommerce platforms and select the best out of them for building your online store, and thereby rake in the moolah!!

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