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On 12th April, 2016, CEO of Magento Commerce, Mark Lavelle announced the general availability of  Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition at Campbell, CA. Today, Magento has it’s roots developed in most of the leading ecommerce portals. Right from the Community Edition to the Enterprise Edition, and now the Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, it is the leading power of open omnichannel innovation for Ecommerce industry.

Beginning Of A New Era In Magento
This edition is built in PAAS (Platform-As-A-Service) environment for its flagship Magento 2.0 digital commerce platform to power innovative e-commerce experiences with managed service infrastructure, top hosting services and rapid deployment of fully customizable, scalable and secure web storefronts. Thus, Magento Development Services has ushered in a post-SaaS era of ecommerce. The new Cloud edition supports Enterprise edition from Magento 2.0.5 onwards, but once you upgrade to Magento 2, you can easily implement the Cloud edition. As the Cloud edition is based on the Magento Enterprise, you can easily switch and move from Magento’s Cloud to your own cloud.

This edition is a first of it’s kind solution in the market and a major upgrade in the broader Magento product portfolio. To support this new endeavour, Magento has partnered with several best of the breed platforms such as Fastly – a real-time CDN that provides business a full control over how their content is being served, New Relic – great for system integrators to diagnose problems and Blackfire.io in developing it’s cloud offering. The Cloud infrastructure is supported by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) that features global availability zones, elastic scalability, optimised performance and full redundancy. Hence, the Cloud edition simplifies the contract management for retailers by including the top Content Delivery Network and Performance Management Tools.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition Offers All Benefits Of Modern Cloud Computing

Efficient, Scalable and Globally available
Magento’s Enhanced Version offers all the advantages of the modern cloud computing that are mostly associated with SaaS solutions : Efficiency, Scalability, PCI compliance and High Automation. Moreover it preserves the flexibility of Magento’s extensible architecture with the strong support of its innovative partners and developers.

Enhanced Magento Services for Merchants
There is only one contract to sign with Magento that covers infrastructure, hosting and the Magento license. The Cloud edition features build scripts and service configuration which means that every instance is properly set up for optimal merchant performance. Also, Magento pro-actively applies patches and notifies you once they’ve been applied.

Partner-friendly Solution
The Cloud edition has a scripted command line interface and a full REST API that provide easy integration with the external systems and the adaptability with current code management workflows. The solution partners do the design, implementations, integrations and strategic consulting, while the Magento handles the hosting, so it is a partner-friendly solution.

Versatile Deployment Toolkit
The Cloud ensures speed when you spin, merge, clone and tear down extensive environments for QA testing, development tasks and production issue diagnosis.


Cloud Delivery
Cloud edition provides consistent cloud delivery. You can move across code branches and development teams very easily from development to UAT to production.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is a combination of high performance and scalable PaaS platform that gives users an ability to try, test and deploy new customizations to their stores continuously without any dependencies on the release schedules. The roots of Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition comprises of the innovative PaaS that allows merchants and their system integration partners to adopt continuous delivery practices by offering the best DevOps, cloud management tools and release management that makes testing, deploying, promoting and operating various environments easy, rapid and manageable.

This edition is surely going to make a bash in the commerce with supporting its customers on their journey to cloud.

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