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Magento, as you know, is today the world’s most loved and most popular Ecommerce platform. At present, about 90% of Ecommerce stores are built and based on the Magento platform. And this stat proves the fact that Magento as an Ecommerce platform is loved not just by the store owners but also by Web Developers. But if you are just starting out as an Ecommerce Web Developer, then there are few important things to do before you start Magento Web Development and they are detailed below. Read On…
The Planning: The first thing that you need to do before you start Magento Web Development is planning. And your planning should be such that it becomes the concrete foundation of your web development and its life cycle. For this, all you need to do is to get a clear picture of what exactly your client wants, what sort of products is he/she intending to sell through the store, the store features he/she is looking for and also their sales expectations from the store. After gathering all the above data from the client, sit down and analyze your client’s competitors website. This will give you a very broad idea of how exactly you can make your client happy with your Magento web development.

Magento-web-HMDThe Threats: Although it is a known fact that Magento as an Ecommerce platform is highly secure, you as a developer should take into account all possible threats that can damage the functioning of the store that you have developed. You should take into account the possibility of cyber crooks attacking the store. In short, before you start the magento web development of your client’s store, eke out the possibilities of hacking, spamming, security leaks, and also security loop-holes. Make the best use of the in-built security protocols provided by Magento while developing the store. Opt for the most reliable and standardized hosting solution for the store and lastly, have a fail-proof back-up plan which you can adopt if and when the need arises.

The Right Theme: Last but perhaps the most important aspect to focus on before you start Magento web development of your client’s store is to select the right Magento theme for the store. You can choose and select from a humongous collection of themes that are available in Magento. Apart from the themes made available by the platform itself, there are numerous other themes available on the web as well. The most basic thing that you as a Magento Web Developer needs to do as far as picking the right theme for your client’s store is concerned is to select a theme by keeping in mind the store and the store products. The theme of your store should be such that it combines functionality and visual appeal, and thereby makes the online visitor shop from the store.

So, be smart and don’t forget to concentrate on the above given aspects of Magento Web Development while developing a store for your client, and thereby ensure the best store experience for your client as well as the customers!!

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