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The web design of your eCommerce store plays a vital role in the psychology of your customers. It could be a determinant factor on whether they would like to buy from you or not. A broken web page will repel valuable prospects and the trust factor just slips away and people get worried whether you will be able to process the order efficiently, when you have so many faults on the pages.

Undoubtedly, you want to scale up your business. You have two options for your eCommerce website. Either build your eCommerce website from the scratch, or use a them to save the time and money. Themes will also provide a lot of features to make the website attractive. The first consideration is the platform on which it should be raised. Going by the trend, Magento leads the pack of all popular eCommerce development platforms, owing to the outstanding features that it has to provide. Also, what adds to the robustness is the open source nature.

The next important step after you have selected the platform is the theme. Themes do play an important role in the success of your online efforts as they add the essential visual elements to attract the visitors. However, selecting a theme could prove to be a tedious task. Here are some tips that would help in deploying the best theme for an magento eCommerce development.

The Theme Should Be Visually Appealing

We all know that first impression is the last impression. The statement stands true for the targeted customers for your eCommerce website. A poorly designed website will result into a higher bounce rate, and very less repeating visitors. If you are looking to cast a spell on the visitors, you need to work on the theme to select or develop an attractive one. Having said that, I would also like to mention that the theme is not only about graphics, but it has to look professional. It is the right representation for the business.

There Should Be A Balance In Colors

You will come across numerous color themes on the web. Most of them are not so pleasing to the eye to you, and also for the customers. You need to keep an open eye to select the theme that has a good blend of colors that don’t look intimidating to the eye. Research on some of the best websites. Successful websites are those that understand the psychology of colors to attract the targeted audience and implement the same throughout all the pages on the eCommerce website.


The Theme Should Be Easily Customizable

One of the vital factors of a good theme is its being customizable. eCommerce is the type of business that is subject to quick expansion in a shorter period. Thus, the theme that you choose should have the advanced and additional features that are required to support all the changes that you want in the future. The web technology is a constantly evolving one with new innovations coming up with each passing day, and your theme should not be left behind in adapting to the changes.

Provision for Banners & Slides

If you are allocating a certain space for banners and slides in your them, they could prove to be quite beneficial, as eye-catching and informational banners do play a vital role in having the visitor glued to your website for a long time. You need to make sure that the chosen theme is able to support this feature that helps in enhancing the marketing prospects in a short period.

Cross Browser Support

You should be looking for themes that are compatible throughout all the popular browsers. High quality, modern themes with advanced features have this ability. This makes you reach conveniently throughout the worldwide audience that helps in increasing the sales figures considerably.

The Theme Should Comply To SEO Standards

Top Google rankings result into high traffic and higher conversion rates. The theme that you are selecting has to be SEO-friendly in order to get indexed faster and have better chances to top it on Google’s SERP’s. Ensure that the theme has SEO-friendly features embedded into the theme.

You will need to take out some time to browse the competitor websites and note the theme that they have been using. Following these tips will surely give a higher traffic chance that results into better sales for your eCommerce business.

Trendy Look

The audience will like the feel of a contemporary look, especially if it is a younger lot. You will need to try and choose a theme that covers a wide range of audience. For instance, if there is an online store, then you will have to select a theme that is completely trendy to establish a great impression in the visitor’s mind. Go for trendy themes if the young generation is your main target. Even an older section will like the contemporary look as they will feel evolved on visiting the website.


In case, you are not a big gun just like Amazon, it is better to select a theme that will suit the taste of the audience as you need to establish authority, and at the same time user-friendliness with a great welcome look.

In other parts of the web, people are looking out for something trendy as they are shopping from the comfort of their own couches. Thus, they need to feel special and will go with the vendor that gives them all with the help of their eCommerce shop.

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