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Shopping cart extension is a plugin which is used to facilitate the people to add and shop products or goods on an eCommerce website. It helps people to select the product, add it to the cart, calculate total amounts, remove items and for more shopping transactions in easy and secured way.

Additionally, it allows various features like one-page checkout, quick registration, adding gift products to shopping cart, and much more providing a better shopping experience to users and increase conversions.

There are two types of shopping cart extensions, one which is owned by the merchant and the one that is hosted, either of which will give the same benefits, not only to the seller, but most importantly, to the online business owner.

With increasing online shoppers and more businesses moving online, the market is flooded with a number of Magento eCommerce development companies competing for shopping cart development leaving a plethora of options catering to the business needs. Today, it is tough time for the merchants to choose between the available shopping cart extensions and it is important to find a cart which offers customer support, templates and any customization needed to showcase their business at its best.


Regardless of the shopping cart you choose for your online store, here are some of the vital benefits of integrating this extension:

Convenience in online shopping

An online business having a shopping cart extension allows a shopper to save his potential purchases and come back later to finish shopping. The customers can add or remove items from the shopping cart without having to delete the entire order or start a new one.

Protection with online shopping

A great shopping cart extension includes a method of obtaining customer information and keeping it safe. Information such as customer name, address, credit card information, birthday and telephone numbers are stored securely and used for various shopping transactions.

Advantageous for both Buyer and Seller

Shopping cart extension allows shoppers to keep track of which items he/she has selected for purchase so far. As the customer is asked for shipping address, the shopper can be assured that his purchases are delivered to exactly the place where he wants. The extension makes it easier for the seller as well, because it makes the process of tracking a lots of orders hassle-free. It also allows the seller to view everything a buyer has purchased. Often, a shopping cart is also linked to an online inventory. With that, a seller can stay updated with whether he has enough items to carry out his orders or not. It also allows the seller to track the customer’s all the purchases so that seller can use this information in coming up with new items that customers might want to buy in the future. Shopping cart extension is very helpful in making a seller’s online business become a one-stop shop for customers who want to shop online.

In a Nutshell

If you are looking for these amazing features, then Magento e-commerce is the best choice for you as the shopping cart integrated with Magento is very flexible with all the customizable features according to your business needs. We, at Hire Magento Developer offer shopping cart integration and provide your e-commerce website the complete features for online shopping.


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